Want to know the real reason you can’t lose weight?

Tip:  It’s not what’s on your plate.
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Then welcome to my kitchen table

I’m Suné, a coach, qualified nutritional therapist and chef. For years I’ve worked with women who want my help creating meal plans that will help them lose weight for good.

Listening to their stories, I’ve heard the same thing time and again. They diet and lose weight. Their will power fails. They put weight back on. Their self-esteem takes a knock. And the cycle starts over. Life is a constant battle with food.

I’m on a mission to change that!

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Nourished Mind

“My Nourished Mind programme – with optional Maintenance Sessions – will change the way you see food, yourself and your life. I am confident that our work together will transform your relationship with food and your body for the better ”

Nourished Body

If you still want to shift stubborn weight or boost your health after we’ve addressed the way you think about food, then I have a Nourished Body program.  However,  I only let you do this if you’ve nourished your mind first. Because that is where the magic happens.

Nourished Life

Slipped back into old habits and thought patterns? These coaching sessions helps my existing clients  stay on track and kept accountable. Why? Becasue life happens…


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