Nourished Mind

Imagine if you could be happy in your own skin without having to starve yourself, follow strict diets or spend hours at the gym.


You can. All you have to do is observe how you think.

This is a six-week one-on-one coaching programme for women who want to end their struggle with food and start liking themselves regardless of jean size.

It combines sensible, realistic and practical nutrition advice bespoke to your personal health and dietary requirements, with tools and exercises to change the way you think about food and yourself.

This programme will cover:

Your relationship with food and motivations for change

Your limiting beliefs and assumptions about yourself


What you want most from life and how to set meaningful goals

How to effectively handle urges, cravings, psychological barriers and difficult thoughts and feelings around food

How to motivate yourself and control your actions in the face of setbacks and challenges

How to free yourself from a self-defeating mindset

How to live life fully in the present moment


Practical nutrition advice, a Food & Mood Diary, and ideas on how to feed yourself healthy, satisfying food



You will keep a daily Food & Mood diary for at least a week to bring to your first session, which will last 90 minutes. All other sessions are 60 minutes.

Week 1: Your past story

  • We discuss your current health status, your relationship with food where it all started and your motivations for change
  • We explore your Food & Mood diary and nutrition self-assessment and identify potential problem areas
  • We cover the benefits of balancing blood sugar and basic nutrition. I open my kitchen cupboards to show you how to make simple changes
  • You set some achievable goals for the week ahead
  • You get a worksheet on values to complete for Week 2 and you continue your Food & Mood diary

Week 2: Your future story

  • You identify your values, life vision and goals
  • You create a clear idea of what your life going forward will be like when you have achieved your goals
  • We discuss your Food & Mood diary, challenges from the past week and any changes that need to be made for the week ahead
  • You set goals for the week ahead and have a homework assignment: to write down your vision and create a vision board

Week 3: Become an OWL

  • We recap your vision before getting to work on OWL skills (Observing, Willingness and Living according to values)
  • We practice these mindfulness techniques and apply them in everyday challenging situations
  • We re-address your Food & Mood diary and make tweaks or changes where necessary, setting goals for the week ahead
  • Your homework is to practice mindfulness and de-fusion techniques

Week 4: Blasting limiting beliefs

  • We unravel limiting beliefs or assumptions about yourself
  • We investigate what you’re really hungry for – and it’s probably not food!
  • We build on mindfulness, defusion and acceptance techniques to overcome these limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • We revisit your Food & Mood diary, challenges faced, observations made and goals for the week ahead
  • You’ll get a homework assignment on managing assumptions and beliefs

Week 5: Learning to love yourself

  • We look at your Food & Mood Diary and diet changes made, plus your assumptions and beliefs homework
  • We gently assess your body image, self-compassion and self-care and come up with meaningful changes
  • We discuss mindful eating, how it may benefit your well-being and how to put it into practice
  • Your homework is to explore ways to practice self-care, self-compassion and mindful eating

Week 6: The new you

  • We celebrate the progress you’ve made by working through a health and energy questionnaire
  • We set goals to keep you committed and on track
  • You leave with a deep feeling of contentment and love for the person you are
  • You will feel healthier, lighter and happier in your skin!

Investment – £540

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