Fill in this questionnaire to get some tailored nutritional advice from the Kitchen Table Coach

Q1: On average, I get more than 7 ½ hours’ sleep a night and feel amazing in the morning
Q2: I wake up exhausted and need a few strong coffees to get me going
Q:3 I get a second wind around 10pm and that is the only ‘me’ time to get things done
Q4: I often sacrifice my own needs and desires, I’m always so busy
Q5: I have difficult thoughts and feelings around my body; and eating helps suppress those
Q6: I find ‘having to be good’ and positive thinking exhausting
Q7: I enjoy food, I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full
Q8: I plan my meals and always have a healthy filling snack to hand in case I get very hungry
Q9: Food is fuel
Q10: I am very clear about my health goals and this motivates me to stay on track
Q11: I eat when I’m stressed, sad or upset
Q12: My mind is always racing, I can’t hear myself think, never mind make healthy choices when it comes to food
Q13: I know what to eat, but I just can’t stick to a ‘diet’
Q14: I regularly schedule fun activities with friends or family
Q15: I can say ‘no’ when I need to rest or when I have too much on my plate

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